Clea Hall Park

Terms and conditions

  1. All pitch fees are payable in full in advance before the 1st March each year. If not so paid the right to use the pitch or park facilities shall be suspended until payment is made. If pitch fees are not paid in full by the 1st of May each year, we reserve the right to remove the holiday home from its pitch and re-let the pitch.
  2. The caravan/lodge and all fixtures and fittings etc. must be kept in good clean condition and repair.  For the safety of any freestanding belongings please ensure they are put away in storage with the exception of patio furniture, however due to the inclement weather we get here, furniture must be secured.  Please ensure the exterior of the caravan is always kept clean, including the gutters as they are prone to fill with debris and can cause problems with water ingress into the caravan/lodge.
  3. No alterations, porch or extension to the caravan/lodge is permitted. No fences, driveways, landscaping, patios, balconies etc. may be constructed without prior permission from the management. Balconies and Boxing in must have a paving flag border level with the grass. Hot tubs are not permissible.  It is the Managements responsibility to mow the grass on the park, in order for us to mow and strim around the caravans easily, gardens should NOT be made however Pots and Planters are acceptable and the caravan owner’s responsibility.  As the grass is mown throughout the year, any damage caused to our equipment due to flags being raised above the correct level the owner will be charged for any repairs required.  Please ensure items are not left on the grass around your caravan, i.e. garden furniture and any other heavy items which may cause damage to the grass.
  4. Caravans/lodges cannot be used as a permanent residence. The maximum permitted stay should not be greater than 8 weeks in any one stay. Current home details must be provided if requested.
  5. Electrical wiring, mains switches and cut-outs must not be tampered with in any way, and supply boxes must be easily accessible.
  6. It is recommended that electric, water (including the stop tap) and gas should be turned off when the caravan/lodge is unoccupied. If meter and stop tap are not accessible due to your decking, please ensure you create a suitable hatch for easy access.
  7. The speed limit on the park is 5mph. Park users must follow the one-way system at all times this includes cyclists. Please do not use middle ‘access only’ road from Bassenthwaite. It is strictly for the use of pedestrians. Only persons holding a full driving license and having motor insurance may drive on the park.  Absolutely no driving whilst over the legal drink driving limit is permitted on the park. The police can still breath test you even though it is private property.  Please ensure you do not drive over any grassed areas throughout the park.
  8. Persons must not walk around the park whilst drinking alcohol.
  9. Noise. The object of the park is to provide the maximum privacy and quiet. After dark the level of noise from persons, radios, TV’s etc. must be kept to a level where it is not possible to hear them from a neighbouring caravan.
  10. Dogs. Dogs are allowed on the park as long as they are kept on a short lead except when in your holiday home, vehicle or secure balcony. In the event of your dog fouling within the park it must be cleaned up immediately and the waste placed in the appropriate bin. Dogs that constantly bark to the annoyance of others will be asked to be removed from the park.
  11. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed on the park unless accompanied by an adult.
  12. No business, trade or profession can be carried out on the park. Any tradesperson working on holiday homes on the park must have the prior permission from the management and have the required qualifications to carry out such work. Any tradesperson must sign in at reception on arrival.  Details of insurance and qualifications must be produced if requested.
  13. Fire. You are requested to make yourself familiar with the position of the fire extinguishers placed around the park. In the event of a fire please raise the alarm and use the fire extinguishers as per instructions.
  14. Rubbish. Please use the bins provided, located beside the laundry room and car park beside the office. Please make sure you sort your rubbish and place in the appropriate recycling bins. Only domestic kitchen rubbish to be placed in the bins. Large items, electrical items and all recyclable items must be taken home or to the Refuse & Recycling Centre ~   Wigton – open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday or Carlisle – open seven days per week, full details in Reception.
  15. Only soft sponge balls or swing balls are allowed on the park. No hard balls, footballs or Frisbee’s allowed. No skateboards or electric children’s vehicles. Bicycles are allowed on the park as long as they are ridden sensibly, on the road - adhering to the one way system and with consideration for others. Children must wear cycle helmets at all times.
  16. Washing lines and hose pipes are not allowed. As all water used on the park is metered the washing of cars is strictly not allowed and excessive use of water is not allowed.
  17. Pitches are strictly non-transferable and Caravans/lodges may not be re-sold on site without the permission of the management, this also includes part shares.  The value of 2nd hand caravans sold on site must be set and agreed with the management prior to sale, where a commission charge of 12% plus VAT is levied  (Minimum fee £1,200), they must be cleaned inside and outside before we can advertise it for you, if you require further information please enquire at the office.
  18. In the event you vacate your pitch before the 1st of March no refund of site rent is payable for the unused portion.
  19. All water, waste and electrical fittings are the property of Clea Hall Holiday Park. Your responsibility for your caravan/lodge starts from the main plug, stop tap and waste connection from the concrete base.
  20. Prepare for the Winter – it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that your caravan/lodge is prepared for winter. Please DO NOT LEAVE YOUR WATER RUNNING in any instance, if you are concerned about this process please contact Jonathan Scott or Mike Taylor to drain down for you.
  21. In the event of a customer vacating a pitch - any flags, chippings etc. must be left down - otherwise a charge will be levied to return the pitch to its original condition. If you remove your holiday home any disconnection costs incurred will be charged.
  22. Vandalism / Theft. In the event of witnessing vandalism/theft please report it immediately to reception. Persons caught vandalizing or stealing Clea Hall property will be banned from the park and liable to prosecution.
  23. Caravans/Lodges can be used by friends and family. Sub-letting is strictly not allowed. In the interests of security, friends and relatives using your holiday home must leave their names at reception on arrival. Make sure that your guests read, adhere to and are made aware of these rules. (Copies available)
  24. Authority for the conduct of persons using the park is vested in the management. In this connection entry may be refused and removal of any person, vehicle or caravan is at the management's discretion.
  25. Clea Hall shall not accept responsibility for loss or damage to any caravan, lodge or vehicle, or its contents whilst on the park; however such loss or damage may occur.
  26. Insurance - It is a condition that each holiday home must be insured to at least to their market value, which must include third party liability. A copy of insurance arranged privately must be submitted to the office. Our Holiday Home Insurance scheme provider is L Wood Insurance Brokers.

We chose L Wood because their specialist team has many years of combined experience and are adept at developing insurance packages to make sure you get comprehensive cover at a competitive price.

The Holiday Home Policy should include:

      • Structure – covering the main dangers such as storm damage, damage to heating / plumbing through frost, theft, fire, flood, escape of water, lightning, explosion, and subsidence.
      • Contents - household goods, personal possessions and clothing inside the structures.
      • Accidental damage to your structures or your contents.
      • Damage caused by vermin
      • Cover for alternative accommodation or loss of rent.

The above is not a full list of the cover provided; the full details and exclusions can be found in the policy wording.

If you should need to make a claim, L Wood have a dedicated team that will guide you through the process and will work with you to make sure your claim is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  1. Swimming Pool. All persons using the swimming pool must read and agree to adhere to the conditions of use. A separate list of rules is displayed at the entrance to the pool enclosure and further copies are available from reception.
  2. Tavern. Children are allowed in the rear room of the Tavern Bar only. They must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  3. Persons under 18 are not allowed in the Tavern unless accompanied by an adult. The bringing of food or drinks into the bar is strictly not allowed without prior permission of the management.
  4. Whilst every care is taken when siting holiday homes - balconies, plants, patios etc. may have to be moved or disturbed. Clea Hall does not accept responsibility for any damage or disruption in doing so or accept liability to return them to their previous condition. Balconies, patios etc. are allowed purely at the management's discretion and if they are in an awkward position may have to be moved to enable neighbouring holiday homes to be moved.
  5. During busy periods only one car per caravan is allowed unless your pitch has private parking.  Additional cars and commercial vehicles should always be parked in the car park.
  6. The lighting of fires or letting off fireworks is strictly prohibited.
  7. Sewage. The park has its own Waste Treatment Plant - it is therefore important that all cleaning products for sinks, toilets, floors etc. used are ECO friendly and must be suitable for use with septic tanks (this is identified on the products label).  All sanitary towels, wipes etc. should be placed in the rubbish and not flushed away.
  8. Please report any change of details to the Office as soon as possible to keep records up to date i.e. address, telephone numbers, emails, insurance etc.
  9. In the event of any dispute the management’s decision is final.

Thank you for your co-operation.    

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